Chinese Cooking Workshop

Check out the overview of the cooking workshops below. We have planned cooking workshops with dates available and other workshops on different dates based on request. A private workshop for one person is available too. Contact us for further info and to know other available dates for the workshop.

Chinese cooking workshop

Are you interested in the herbs and ingredients in authentic Chinese cuisine recipes? Would you perhaps like to learn the method of cooking, braise, fry, roast, and steam? If you want to experience genuine Chinese cooking, this workshop is for you. This workshop will provide you with knowledge on Chinese cuisine; help you learn Chinese cooking, using various sauces and spices, practicing the abilities of the knife under the guidance of the Chef, and exploring Chinese signature dishes.

Sichuan cuisine workshop

This is the first step to a dynamic journey if you are passionate and willing to learn more about Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan cuisine is the most prominent cuisine in china. It is the face of China food culture. You will learn the basic knowledge of the Sichuan herbs, the combination of various herbs for the exclusive flavor, and the hands in the preparations of the dish. Want to learn more about it, feel free to contact the team

Master Chinese cooking workshop

This is the right workshop if you want to develop your Chinese cooking skills or want to learn an advanced level of Sichuan cuisine.
Master Chinese cooking workshops lead you to develop cooking methods and re-creating our unique and secret recipes. You can practice and master authentic signature dishes in Chinese and Sichuan and share them with your loved one. For more information, link to the team!

Vegan Chinese cooking workshop

The Chinese are also known for cooking vegan dishes with a diverse culinary history. Chinese cuisine has a specialty in cooking vegan meals, cultural experiences. Vegan cooking can also be enjoyable and interesting. Zhucook provides a distinct mixture of vegan cooking workshops and offers a larger range of ingredients for daily use. Please contact us now to know more about it!

Dumpling workshop

Dumpling is one of the Chinese cuisine trademarks. This dish is simple yet delicate. There are multiple ways a dumpling can be wrapped and each has a different texture. It's a classic experience you don't want to skip. Contact us for additional information.

Chinese Pastry Workshop

It is said, there is always room for dessert! As it says, dessert and pastry are always available. Based on cultural and geographical diversity the Chinese pastry has numerous variations of pastries. The variations in pastry it is fun to learn. Explore the different baking techniques with us! Contact Zhucook for additional information.

Chinese cooking and language workshop

This cooking workshop concept is combined with Chinese cooking and language learning. If you are interested in learning both Chinese cooking and language, don’t miss out this cooking class which is full of fun. We will lead you to learn Chinese cooking and language in an interactive way

The basic Chinese characters were originally drawings. Lili Zhou, our Chinese teacher, would like to share a different approach of learning Chinese by telling stories of characters or drawings which are closely related with its origin, culture and history. Moreover, she can guide you to build sentences step by step in the same way as you would solve a puzzle.

Private Chinese Cooking Workshops

Thinking about spending a good time with family and friends? Or are you trying to build a bond with colleagues? If so, Zhucook private cooking workshop is a perfect choice! This is a fun activity for developing great collaborations, learning cultural backgrounds, exploring favorite dishes, and re-creating the dish together.

Zhucook has been working on thrilling and enjoyable cooking sessions with many organizations. The team adapts the workshops to suit the specifications. Get in contact with us now for an unforgettable cooking session. This cooking workshop can also can be done at home or your business location.

Price are negotiable as per requests and the size of group. You can call or email us directly for more information or fill out the contact form.

Virtual Chinese Cooking Workshops

Taking Chinese cooking classes online can also be as exciting and entertaining as in-person activities. Don't worry about the fact that there are no unique ingredients or the difficulty of finding them. Zhucook has developed the unique recipe that you can easily find the exact ingredients or alternative ingredients from the local supermarket. Besides, if you would love to have the spice Chinese cooking ingredients, but you have trouble to find them, then Zhucook has built a full system to prepare and posted anything you need in the starter kit. Connect the wireless Internet and connect on time to the live stream. Contact Zhucook for more information!

Authentic Chinese Tea ceremony workshops

The ritual for tea is one of China's most classic cultural gatherings. It's not just about drinking a cup of tea; it's about brewing, tasting, drinking, and enjoying your tea. Tea ceremony helps to soothe your emotions, clear your mind, and refresh your thoughts.

Recorded Chinese cooking tutorial

Due to busy schedules have you missed one of our Chinese cooking workshops? Would you like to spend some time in peace with encouragement enjoying Chinese cuisine? Zhucook provides filmed tutorials to screen one-off transactions at your convenience. Don't worry about missing out because the cooking secrets are all laid out in these video tutorials containing comprehensive recipes. Contact Zhucook for more information!

Open cost of the cooking workshop is €85 p.p, for Master Chinese cooking workshop €120p.p.