Chinese Dining Services

Private Chinese dining

Are you looking for a private Chinese chef for an upcoming party? Do you need one for corporate meetings with customers and colleagues dazzling them with authentic Chinese cuisine? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place for booking. Zhucook offers private Chinese dining services to meet your needs.

In collaboration with Shinji Entertainment, the team is enthusiastic to fill your function with delicious Chinese cuisine and professional cultural performances if needed. Kick back, relax with your friends, family, and business partners to enjoy the wonderful session.If you want to request private events, contact us and we will get back to you.

Pop up Chinese dining:

For the pop-up Chinese dining activities Zhucook ventures around the Netherlands. It's a fun trip and has become increasingly popular in the industry. For a special dining experience, the team provides a No-Menu model. Raw ingredients based on seasonal call and consistency are picked. The Homemade Dumplings signature will continue to be available in all dining sessions.

Regular pop up

Every Tuesday is a foodie date with Zhucook, how does that sound? Zhucook provides authentic Chinese food and highly specialized chefs to satisfy your cravings. The chef also provides numerous Chinese-fusion signature dishes around the world to further enrich your dining experiences.

Don't worry if you're looking for a vegan meal because once a month the team provides plant meals. All dishes are gourmet, fresh ingredients, and home-made recipes. So, wait no longer, join us in the fun now!


Hotspot Hutspot Krootwijk, Rotterdam


Every Tuesday (Refer to the calendar for next pop up)


1700- 2030


For individuals, €36.5 p.p, Chinese tea included


Advance booking required
* Inform the team if you have any food allergy.