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Authentic Chinese cooking workshop,  Private Chef, Chinese Tea Ceremony, Chinese Food & Culture Event


Welcome to Zhucook. My name is Xinyu Zhu, I am a private chef from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan in China. Moved to Rotterdam to provide cooking workshops in The Netherlands.

Want to book me as a private chef for your event or as a chef for a private or business workshop? Please contact me on 0652058628 or send an email to info@zhucook.nl

Exporting authentic Chinese food and culture by feeding you with love.  

衣食住行 yī shí zhù xíng.This Chinese proverb means clothes, food, accommodation, transportation as the basic, but important necessities of our daily life. Especially, Food has no borders, but it is also a bridge to sharp the relationship between different backgrounds. Do you like Chinese food and culture? Do you want to experience authentic Chinese cuisine? Do you want to experience authentic Chinese tea ceremony? Zhucook is here to delivery authentic Chinese food and culture experience for you.
Chef:Xinyu Zhu

Diergaardesingel 101, 3014 AH Rotterdam

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