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Build connection through experience, strengthen relation by sharing food culture

Do you want to embrace authentic Chinese food, experience varied Chinese cuisine and build connections through sharing Chinese food culture? Zhucook has got you covered. We have a variety of authentic Chinese food dishes to satisfy your taste buds and meet your expectation. We also offer tailor-made cooking workshops for everyone who loves authentic Chinese cooking, want to enjoy and have fun, and build connection through experience sharing.

Apart from serving you the most diverse Chinese cuisines and dishes, we love to offer private cooking classes to our customers. We are so excited to teach you authentic Chinese cooking that we are ready to start it even from one person to more for individuals, private groups, and companies. All you need to do to participate in the cooking workshops is to complete an open registration. Our workshops are suitable for beginners and advanced students. If you are eager to join a cooking workshop, team building activities and create connections, please don't hesitate to contact us by

Social Responsibility

Xinyu has served at the Verhalenhuis Belvédère and Hotspot Hutspot in Rotterdam as a volunteer chef. She presented Chinese cuisine and cultural perspectives, widening the local population's culinary horizon. In addition, she loves to donate local people and organizations by raising funds through cooking activities.

Cooking Workshops

In the kitchen, joy begins. The art of cooking brings pleasure! If you want to experience new cooking endeavors with learning Chinese related to the cuisine, Zhucook is the right place for you. Zhucook has brought a new cooking class concept in an interactive way for learners to learn cooking while learning Chinese cuisine related things.

Zhucook offers extensive workshops in authentic Chinese cuisine that will fulfill your requirements. It is an excellent place for a cultural experience, team building, and communication. If that is right up your alley, join us now!

About Zhucook

“Zhu”, when pronounced in Chinese, it means “to cook”. This simple idea marks the advent of Zhucook. Zhucook is a conceptual cooking studio and it aims to provide individuals and companies with amazing authentic Chinese food and cultural experiences through various activities. Cooking workshops, Chinese private dining service, team building activities, and inter-culture learning activities are provided at Zhucook. This includes online & physical venues. It's a great place to discover Chinese food, meet new cooks, and create connections

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