About Zhucook

Authentic Chinese cuisine and cultural experience with Xinyu

“Zhu”, when pronounced in Chinese, it means “to cook”. This simple idea marks the advent of Zhucook. Zhucook is a conceptual cooking studio and it aims to provide individuals and companies with amazing authentic Chinese food and cultural experiences through various activities.

Cooking workshops, Chinese private dining service, team building activities, and inter-culture learning activities are provided at Zhucook. This includes online & physical venues. It's a great place to discover Chinese food, meet new cooks, and create connections.

Xinyu Zhu, born and raised in Chengdu, has always been fond of cooking and the delicacy of diverse dishes. Chengdu, which is the capital of Sichuan, located in the southwest of China is known for its diverse cuisine. It is said that Chengdu has the richest flavor in all of China. Chengdu was recognized by UNESCO as an innovative city of gastronomy in 2011 due to its famous food culture.

Thanks to that, Xinyu has had a chance to experience different flavors from her birthplace from a very young age. Along with that, she also grew up in a talented cook family. Living with her grandmother, who has been the master chef of the household for 70 years, was a perfect exposition for her from a very young age.

When she made a basic dish comprising tomato and fried egg-soup at the age of five, she realized her knack at cooking. She fell in love with the simplicity of homemade Chinese Sichuan food. Along with that, living in a culinary city with her family empowered her to fulfill her passion for cooking.

After working for years, she chose to take up the journey as a chef. Through extremely hard work and passion for cooking, Xinyu established her beloved Zhucook in 2019. Most people find Chinese, particularly the characters, very difficult. With her help and guidance, you will find it easy and intriguing to learn the mysterious characters and build sentences orally and in written. When talking about Chinese dishes and flavors, people often mistake it for only being hot and spicy, but in reality, it is so much more. The layers of flavor and the perfect combination of different Chinese spices are what make Chinese cuisine shine. Here at Zhucook, you will learn more about the philosophy of Chinese cuisine, in particular about the Sichuan taste, of homemade Chinese food in the workshops with Xinyu.

In exploring various recipes, Xinyu is energetic and imaginative to improve its clients' culinary experiences. Contact us for a unique and unforgettable experience in Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine.